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Quiz! Name all 49 British goalscorers from the last 10 years of Champions League football

The 2007/08 season was a heady one for British sides in the Champions League. There were two Scottish teams in the group stage (Celtic and Rangers - try to conceal your amazement) and of the four semi-finalists, three were English (Liverpool, Chelsea and eventual winners Manchester United).

The trend since hasn't been quite so positive since (even with Chelsea's 2012 triumph), but British players do still chip in with a few goals each season. A total of 49 have scored in the last 10 years, since the start of that 2007/08 Champions League term. We've listed their goal totals below, the club(s) they scored for and their playing position too.

All you need to do is fill in their surnames. Easy-peasy. When you're done, tell us your scores @FourFourTwo and we'll retweet them. Then challenge some friends to see how they get on. Good luck!

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