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Quiz! Name the past and present Premier League players in AFCON 2017 squads

AFCON 2017

The 2017 Africa Cup of Nations kicks off on Saturday in Gabon – starring (whether you like it or not) several players from England's top flight. 

But how many of them can you name? And, a step further, how many can you name at this year's tournament with Premier League experience? There are 40 to get in total, and – trust us – 30 is no bad score here.

Let us us know how you fare on Twitter @FourFourTwo, and then challenge your pals to see how they get on. We'll retweet your scores if you give us some evidence, but don't give the answers away else we shan't. Goddit? Good. 

Please note: asterisks denote a player's current Premier League club, including players currently contracted to one but on loan elsewhere. Clubs currently in the Championship will not have an asterisk even if the player is still with them. The Premier League (and, indeed, football) began in 1992/93, as you know.

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