Ranked! 20 Premier League 2017/18 away kits from worst to best

The shirts that Premier League clubs will be wearing next year when there's a kit clash – or, let's be honest, just when they need to sell a few – rated in order of excellence

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If you haven't read Nick Miller's ranking of this season's Premier League home kits, you can do so here.

20. Watford

Come on, adidas. At least look like you're trying. This is just the Middlesbrough kit from last season but with a white bit filled in black. There's a difference between a template and just someone's sloppy seconds. Honestly: nobody buy this shirt in protest. That'll show 'em.

19. Everton

Eeesh. If the home kit looked like a blue '90s training top that someone has found in lost property, the away number looks like a white '90s training top that someone has found in lost property, then put in the wash with a pair of black socks. At the risk of sounding like someone's mum, it just looks grubby.

18. Huddersfield

Now, Huddersfield are being obtuse, like one of those parents who say they don't have a favourite child, even though they obviously do: they don't have a designated away kit, just two different 'alternates' that they will wear equally. Not that it matters much, because they're both horrible: one blue with pink pinstripes, the other a horror show that doesn't so much reference but actually copies one of their kits from the '90s. Like Babylon Zoo and Hooch, some things should be left there.

17. Liverpool

Hmmm. Erm... not keen. The home jersey is a delight, but the pale green and white quarters of the away number don't work at all. They look more like a T-shirt you might find in the bargain bin at Next than a football shirt. The third strip is at least bold, a bright orange that you wouldn't get knocked off your bike in, but this is very bland.

16. Manchester United

Again, the '90s revival goes too far. This looks like the tracksuits that clubs used to crank out 20-odd years ago, the sort that crop up in old photographs when mum wants to embarrass you in front of a new partner. Paul Pogba looks good in it, but Paul Pogba would probably look good in a binbag. Which is just as well, as this does rather resemble something you'd stick in the swing-top.