Ranked! Every 2017/18 Premier League home kit

Liverpool new kit 2017/18

Each top-flight club has unveiled their threads for the new campaign, so Nick Miller’s gone all Stella McCartney to rate and slate

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20. Everton

No. No. No. Absolutely not. This looks like someone at Umbro forgot they needed to do a kit for Everton, were reminded the day before it was due so found some training tops from the late ‘90s at the back of a cupboard somewhere. Did we say no already?

19. Burnley

Urgh. Why has someone pebble-dashed the sleeves? The thing about having a shirt that traditionally has different colored arms to the body is that it provides enough variety to prevent needless messing around. They have needlessly messed around. 

18. Leicester

Why have Leicester suddenly decided they need shiny gold bits on their shirt? You could just about excuse it while they were reigning champions, but now it just looks like a cabaret outfit designed by a five-year-old with a dressing-up box.

17. Huddersfield  

Hmmm. Presumably they won't care what they're wearing, as long as they're doing it in the Premier League, but this looks like it's part shirt, part epilepsy-inducer. Puma's apparent hatred of straight, clean lines in favour of something that makes you feel drunk, should not be encouraged.