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Revealed! How English is every Premier League club? Top-flight nationalities examined

In most football debates, it doesn’t take long before someone pipes up about there being too many foreigners in the game. You might have heard it a few times while England were getting bullied out of Euro 2016 by Iceland, or after pretty much every major tournament disappointment the Three Lions have suffered in recent memory (oh, there’ve been a few). 

So what is the state of play in the Premier League exactly? Are Englishmen really being drowned by imports from abroad, or has the situation been blown out of proportion? FFT has done its research on the following:

  • Premier League squad members from UK countries
  • The most prevalent foreign nationalities in the top flight
  • Which clubs have the most diverse squads

So: who’s flying the flag?  

Please note: Data from Premier League clubs' 25-men squads.

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