Which Premier League club's fixtures are on TV most often?

The first two months of televised Premier League fixtures have been announced – but who's on the gogglebox most?

It’s a day almost as feverishly awaited as the release of the fixture list itself: Which games are featured live on the TV? Sky Sports and BT have released their Premier League coverage schedules for the first two months of the season. All 20 clubs are featured, but not entirely equitably.

As you’d expect, the team which features most often is the one which failed to reach the top four amid accusations of dull football. Perhaps it’s something to do with Manchester United having hired a new manager or something, but their first 6 fixtures are all televised.

Bunched on four games are some teams you might expect – Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City – along with last season’s overachievers Leicester and West Ham plus Sunderland. The drop-dodgers managed by Sam Allardyce (unless he gets his dream gig with the FA) are Pep Guardiola’s first opponents at the Etihad.

Perhaps surprisingly, the London sides don’t get much of a look-in, considering they finished in the top three playing attractive football. Arsenal are on three times (as many as newbies Middlesbrough) while Tottenham are on twice (like promoted Hull).

Down in the contractual-obligation box are single appearances for Burnley, Crystal Palace, Swansea and West Brom – but at least their fans won’t have their Saturday 3pm kick-offs faffed about with...

Sat 13: Hull v Leicester (Sky, 12.30pm)
Sat 13: Manchester City v Sunderland (BT, 5.30pm)
Sun 14: Bournemouth v Manchester United (Sky, 1.30pm)
Sun 14: Arsenal v Liverpool (Sky, 4pm)
Mon 15: Chelsea v West Ham (Sky, 8pm)
Fri 19: Manchester United v Southampton (Sky, 8pm)
Sat 20: Stoke v Manchester City (Sky, 12.30pm)
Sat 20: Leicester v Arsenal (BT, 5.30pm)
Sun 21: Sunderland v Middlesbrough (Sky, 1.30pm)
Sun 21: West Ham v Bournemouth (Sky, 4pm)
Sat 27: Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool (Sky, 12.30pm)
Sat 27: Hull v Manchester United (BT, 5.30pm)
Sun 28: West Brom v Middlesbrough (Sky, 1.30pm)
Sun 28: Manchester City v West Ham (Sky, 4pm)
Sat 10: Manchester United v Manchester City (Sky, 12.30pm)
Sat 10: Liverpool v Leicester (BT, 5.30pm)
Sun 11: Swansea v Chelsea (Sky, 4pm)
Mon 12: Sunderland v Everton (Sky, 8pm)
Fri 16: Chelsea v Liverpool (Sky, 8pm)
Sat 17: Everton v Middlesbrough (BT, 5.30pm)
Sun 18: Watford v Manchester United (BT, 12noon)
Sun 18: Crystal Palace v Stoke City (Sky, 2.15pm)
Sun 18: Tottenham Hotspur v Sunderland (Sky, 4pm)
Sat 24: Manchester United v Leicester City (Sky, 12.30pm)
Sat 24: Arsenal v Chelsea (BT, 5.30pm)
Sun 25: West Ham v Southampton (Sky, 4pm)
Mon 26: Burnley v Watford (Sky, 8pm)