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Quiz! Can you name the 59 outfield players with 30+ Premier League appearances this season?

Luka Milivojevic Crystal Palace

The Premier League campaign is edging towards a conclusion, with almost everything still up for grabs: the title, top four, relegation and, of course, the right to field fringe players and kids in next season’s Europa League. Oh, the romance of it all.

So with only five games to go, we thought we’d have a gander at the players who’ve been near-constants in their sides’ glorious/miserable/wait, we’re still here? [delete as applicable] campaigns so far.

Fourteen of these dependable souls have turned out in every league game this term, although only six of them have been in from the start on every occasion. Well done those men.

This one needs no more introduction: we’re simply looking for the outfield players below who’ve played at least 30 times in the top flight this term. Since there are a fair few of them and only their clubs for clues, we’re giving you 10 minutes to get it done.

When you’re finished, second a screenshot of your score to us @FourFourTwo – just make sure you don’t give away answers to everyone else, or that spoils the fun. We reckon this one might be harder than you think…


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