Fantasy Premier League: FourFourTwo writers reveal their FPL teams

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Fantasy Premier League makes fools out of all of us - even those of us who are supposed to know what we're talking about.

The FourFourTwo FPL league is open for business and along with all of you lot, the FFT team have entered, too. We all write about football for a living - so trying to play Fantasy football should be easy... right?

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Well not if recent years gone by are anything to go by for some of us...

1. Izzet Izzet Wicked, managed by Joe Brewin, Deputy Editor (@JoeBrewinFFT)

FPL teams

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The only question really worth answering this week: did you have Mo Salah and Bruno Fernandes? Anyone who didn't start with the former needs their head checking, but thankfully I resisted the urge to say BruNO and spread my money around to go with the tried-and-tested option instead. 

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Konstantinos Tsimikas was also an absolute no-brainer at 4.0, and while he'll only last until Andy Robertson comes back, my plan is to cash in on Diogo Jota's first two games and then drop him gently for Trent Alexander-Arnold. Tsimikas also allowed me to get in a third premium midfielder in Son Heung-min, who thankfully came up with the goods in GW1. It's all downhill from here...

2. Fiddler On The Huth, managed by Mark White, Staff Writer (@markwhlte)

FPL teams

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I have a habit of abandoning FPL halfway through the season. I do intend to stick with Fiddler On The Huth until the very end but in case I end up packing it in early again, I made sure to use my Triple Captain last week. 

I went with Mohamed Salah for a number of reasons - one of which being that somehow in my mind, I confused his record against Norwich for Luis Suarez’s. Luckily though, it paid off and I scored 103 points; I also had Bruno Fernandes, of course, while Jota and Cresswell seemed like no-brainers. 

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We should be announcing brand new signings over on Fiddler On The Huth’s official Twitter feed next week too, so keep your eyes peeled for that. #ForeverFiddlers

3. 1860 Moonich, managed by Ed McCambridge, Staff Writer (@edmccambridge)

FPL teams

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I usually start by getting in one player in each row I really want. This year: Martinez, TAA, Bruno and Calvert-Lewin. Then I go from there.

Bruno was a blinding signing in week one and I made him El Capitano so very chuffed with myself. Sancho didn't get enough game time against Leeds but I'm expecting him to explode in the Prem. Mahrez is also a must for no reason beyond he's my favourite to watch. 

I'm taking the crown this season. 

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4. Blazingchenko Squad, managed by Conor Pope, Online Editor (@conorpope)

FPL teams

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As always, I'm undermining everyone's fun by creating a team in order to "join in", but not taking it even marginally seriously.

That means no substitutes, no triple captains, no wildcards, free hits or bench boosts (booooooring), and an autocompleted team that has left me with Newcastle duo Ciaran Clark and Matt Ritchie at the heart of my defence. I am currently in 1,271st place in the open FourFourTwo Championship league.

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Elsewhere, it's not an awful side: Mo Salah and Marcos Alonso racked up 32 points between them in the first week, while Alisson, Joao Cancelo and Harvey Barnes could do alright, especially as I plan on demanding my colleagues buy me a pint on any week I outperform them.

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