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FPL tips: Your essential Fantasy Premier League checklist before Saturday’s deadline

FPL Fantasy Premier League
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So… are you ready for FPL? The new season deadline is 11am on Saturday, September 12.

This is the most important Fantasy Premier League deadline of the season - it’s the only one that you can make unlimited transfers for (not counting your wildcard) and there won’t be any dodgy price changes to worry about. You’re going to have to make it count.

You don’t want to tune into Match of the Day on Saturday evening just to see that your Fantasy captain didn’t play - and that everyone else in your league knew about it - now, do you?

Where are the goals and assists coming from?

Unsurprisingly, goals and assists are worth more than anything else in Fantasy Football. So naturally, you’re going to want to make sure they’re ready to flow. 

Go back through your team and just make one last check. Is Riyad Mahrez guaranteed to start? Is Alexandre Lacazette going to play ahead of Eddie Nketiah? Is Danny Ings going to hit the ground running? Is Adama Traore facing burnout?

That’s for you to decide. Make sure your key players are super-reliable before you get started.

Any late transfer moves?


Callum Wilson has just joined Newcastle United. Kai Havertz has recently landed at Chelsea. Fancy either of them?

If you made your team last week, you might not have considered these latest buys. Matt Doherty was one of the most popular defenders on the game even before he moved to Tottenham - but it’s a whole different ball game now he’s in a different side.

These are important considerations to make - especially when you have a maximum of three players to choose from each club. Consider the latest signings carefully. 

Who’s likely for a clean sheet?

Joe Bryan vs Arsenal

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Checking fixtures is essential for FPL. There’s no point captaining your player if they’re up against the best defence in the league, is there?

Clean sheets are part and parcel of picking up points and if you’ve got some similarly-valued players in your defence, picking the ones less likely to concede on the weekend is a solid shout.

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So for example, you’re choosing between Luke Ayling and Joe Bryan this weekend - Ayling has Liverpool away, while Bryan has Arsenal at home. Both are rated as difficult matches for each player, but surely we can agree that Fulham at home against Arsenal is far more favourable than Liverpool away - right?

You probably know all this anyway - but it’s just best to double-check. 

You’re probably unsure about one or two players in your side - that’s natural.

Maybe you’ve brought in Mason Greenwood and you’re unsure if the young striker is going to deliver immediately - or even start from the off. Perhaps you’re going with a gamble of Diogo Jota - despite not knowing if he’ll start ahead of Pedro Neto. 

Make sure you know the one or two places that you’ll be looking at next week for transfers. It’s natural to have one or two and knowing where they are can save you a lot of hassle next week. 

Who’s your captain?

Timo Werner

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Points mean prizes and captains deliver double. If your captain scores zero, it falls to your vice-captain. We know that - just checking you do too, of course…

So who has the best chance of getting the most points this weekend? Take Timo Werner, for example, as he’s the most selected striker on the game. He has Brighton away this week. Is he guaranteed to score?

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These are the conundrums that you have to face. Sometimes, going for a defender might be the best option: Trent Alexander-Arnold at home to Leeds United could be a shoe-in for an assist or more, plus a clean sheet.

Oh, and don’t use your triple captain yet. Save it for a double game week. 

Is everyone fit?

It sounds so obvious, but make sure that everyone in your side is fit and healthy. 

Sometimes the Premier League app doesn’t update the fitness of players straight away - go to Premier Injuries online to check and follow the excellent Ben Dinnery on Twitter, who knows the latest with that sort of thing. 

OK - now you’re ready. 


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