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Quiz! Can you name the top Champions League appearance-makers from these 50 countries?

Iker Casillas

Like the Eurovision Song Contest – only with better music – the Champions League is a celebration of the best its continent has to offer. Yet while European clubs can sign the finest global talent, the British Singing Council can’t sign, say, Pitbull and make him our official Eurovision entry. For shame!

The below are all record-holders when it comes to Champions League appearances for their country. Yet as well as players from Spain, England, Italy, France and Germany who’ve racked up 100+ games, there are also players from South America, Africa, Asia and beyond who’ve done their country proud.

This isn’t even every country to have been represented in the Champions League since its 1992/93 revamp – just a choice 50 from some of football’s more prominent nations.

Ten minutes are on the clock with each player’s current game total, country and position as clues. Let us know how you get on @FourFourTwo. We’ll retweet the best scores, if you don’t give answers away – and then challenge some friends. They'll love you for it. 

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