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Quiz! How many of the 141 footballers to win Premier League Player of the Month can you name?

Harry Kane

The final Premier League Player of the Month for 2017 has been announced and while it’s a record-equalling one for a certain Spurs forward, the award has a curious past. Introduced in 1994, the list of absent names is as eye-opening as some of the players on there.

Check out our list of great players never to be named Player of the Month for some intel as to who isn’t among the answers below. Then test your mettle with this true goliath of a quiz.

To give you a fighting chance of cracking 100 answers – surely nobody can get to 141 – we’ve done our best to help: the year of each win, club(s) played for while winning and player positions are provided.

There’s 20 minutes on the clock to slay this monster. Let us know how you got on via Twitter @FourFourTwo (we’ll retweet the best scores if you don’t give answers away) and challenge some pals too.

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