Quiz! How many of these Premier League stadiums from above can you name?

It’s a Sherlock Holmes-sized challenge of skill and deduction: how many of these football grounds can you identify? 

We’re not sure about you, but after our regular pre-match routine of six pies and a couple of cheeky liveners in the Dog and Whistle, we can’t always make out our club’s football stadium when we’re stood directly in front of it. So judging which ground is which from these 17 lovely, aerial, Ordnance Survey images is truly tricky.

Unless you have a rich knowledge of the UK’s streets around grounds (or are an actual pidgeon soaring above these cities and towns), perhaps try focusing on the shape of the stadia. After all, the newer ones are frequently a snazzy oval shape whereas the more, well, historic grounds tend to have an uneven or box-like quality.

But that’s all you’re getting from us. It’s time to pick your Etihads from your Emirates. Then, when you’re done, let us know how you fared @FourFourTwo - and challenge some pals to see if they fare any better. Good luck!

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