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Best football face masks: whether you're playing or just showing your support, here's how football fans can stay safe

Football Premier League face mask
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We are living in strange times - it's stranger still that face masks designed to prevent the spread of coronavirus could be seen as a fashion statement.

But then you know footballers. Anything to look good.

With it now the law that masks must be worn in shops and on public transport to combat that pesky COVID-19, you're going to make sure you're always stocked up.

Here are our picks for turning an ordinary big shop into the chance to pretend you're arriving at Old Trafford for a behind-closed-doors fixture.

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Liverpool face mask

You might not be able to actually go along to the presentation of the Premier League trophy at Anfield, but that doesn't mean you can't feel like one of Jurgen Klopp's side.

This Liverpool face mask is simple but a great way to show you're a true fan of this year's Premier League champions. 

Buy it from Amazon for just £3.49

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Adidas face mask

Adidas are the dons; European titans in the sportswear game who kit out the likes of Real Madrid, Juventus, and now... your face.

This mask is as well-made, simple and classy as you'd expect from the German giants. You can picture Messi putting one of these bad boys on, couldn't you?

They come in packs of three, and are machine-washable, so you can always have one on your person. The masks are also made with recycled materials, so you're not only stopping the spread of a lethal virus, you're also saving the world. Get you.

Buy a pack of three from Adidas for £14.95

Nike Strike snood

Nike Strike snood face mask

(Image credit: Nike)

Nike's face mask is pretty low-key. This is a pandemic after all - we can't be having it with volt-green flashes, now can we?

But this is quite special: specifically designed for playing sport in, you can wear this for your five-a-side, while the grill over the mouth is made so you can still communicate with your team-mates with ease.

When Autumn and Winter roll back around, this is exactly the kind of protection you want: it'll keep you warm and keep you safe. 

Machine-washable and adjustable, you'll get a lot of use out of these.

Buy it from Nike for £16.95 (currently out of stock)

Man Utd face mask

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Manchester United retro face mask

Manchester United have had some lush kits over the years - just don't mention the grey debacle away to Southampton.

For our money though, the jagged blue and white pattern of the early '90s is the most iconic. Viva Fergie's United, with this mask.

Machine-washable, reusable – and money off for buying more than one. You can make sure you're never without a mask, or kit out the whole family in classic United garb. Face masks, bloody hell.

Buy it from eBay for £9.99

Reebok face mask

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Reebok face mask

Just with Adidas and Nike, this Reebok mask is simple enough.

Reebok don't sponsor many clubs anymore but they still make excellent gear – and if you're looking to evoke some nostalgia of Chile and Bolton Wanderers (you might be, you never know), now you know where to go.

These come in packs of three – making them cheaper per mask than many others here – and are machine-washable. Made with a breathable fabric, you can work out in one of these without it affecting your performance.

Buy a pack of three from reebok for £14.95

Real Madrid face mask

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Literally any football club badge face masks

Not seen your club yet? Fear not.

Luckily, there's always someone on the internet ready to stick a badge on the product of your choosing. This eBay seller is making masks on demand for fans of Bayern Munich, Juventus Tottenham, West Ham, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester City, Barcelona, Liverpool, Arsenal, Real Madrid – or any club badge available on request.

Now you too can rep Accrington Stanley with pride on a trip to the shops.

Handmade, washable, reusable, and some of the cheapest on the market.

Buy a club badge face mask on eBay for £3.99

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Arsenal "bruised banana" face mask

Gooners out there - need we explain?

Arsenal fans have this pattern on phone cases, T-shirts, phone backgrounds – and it's even been adapted for the away kit this year (imagine!). It's as woven into the club as the gold trophy and rumours about Mesut Ozil's future. It looks good on a mask, we have to say.

Buy an Arsenal bruised banana face mask for £10 on eBay

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