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Quiz! Can you name the 50 players with the best minutes-per-goal ratios in Premier League history?

Sergio Aguero

Finally, a Premier League goal chart where Alan Shearer isn’t No.1 – or even close to it for that matter, what with him being outside the top 10 of this quiz. Funnily enough, we think you’d have got him without us spoiling it in this introduction.

If not, you’ll be struggling to name the other 49 hotshots in this list of the Premier League’s most efficient marksmen – that is, the men who’ve scored most regularly with the minutes they’ve actually played in the division.

Since the top two are currently playing in the Premier League, this list is always subject to change – but for now, big pats on the back to that deadly duo who’ve plundered a combined 375 top-flight strikes between them in England. So far... *gulp*

We’ve given you 10 minutes to name as many of these pests as you can, and then want you to tell us how you get on @FourFourTwo – there’s a glorious place on our daily Twitter leaderboard with your name all over it. When you’re done, why not challenge some mates to do worse than you?

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