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Infographic: Why Chelsea are the Prem's most efficient side, Spurs the biggest bullies

With eight or nine games of the season to go (for most clubs, anyway), now seems like a pretty good time to hit form. Goals are pretty useful for that. 

Based on the last 10 games, Tottenham have been pummelling their way towards the finish line with almost 21 shots per match on average – almost four better than the next-best Liverpool. The problem for Mauricio Pochettino is that his side have required almost 11 shots to score on average, around the same as Arsenal but better than only five other sides.

Watford have basically forgotten how to score. Not only have the Hornets mustered only 10.4 shots per game on average recently, but they're also taking almost 21 efforts (20.8) to find the net. 

At the other end of the spectrum, polite applause please for Chelsea, officially the most efficient side over the last 10 Premier League matches (6.9 shots per goal). They're closely followed by struggling Sunderland, but don't be fooled – the Black Cats are simply creating little. You won't be surprised to see that Aston Villa are also doomed; only Norwich have taken fewer shots, and only Watford more wasteful. Eek. 

The further to the right a club is, the more shots they’ve taken per match. The further up they are, the more shots they’ve taken for each goal scored. Therefore the green bottom-right area is good (taking lots of shots while not needing many attempts to score) and the red top-left... well, not so much.

The lines dividing the graphic into the four labelled quadrants are centred on the averages for the division as a whole (congratulations Swansea, you're very average). 

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