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Quiz! Can you name the 21 current clubs that have won the FA Cup more than once?

Chelsea FA Cup

It’s the oldest football club competition in the world, and its early history was dominated by some teams who are sadly no longer with us – Wanderers, Old Etonians and Royal Engineers all taking home the trophy multiple times before the turn of the 20th century.

But how many of the current crop of existing professional clubs have had reason for an open-top bus parade more than once?

Sure, some managers may now treat winning the cup as a fallback option if it all starts going wrong in the league (Arsene Wenger and Antonio Conte, we’re looking at you), but for many years it was the greatest glory any fan in the country could experience.

So, with five minutes on the clock, we want you to name each of the 21 current teams to have won the FA Cup on multiple occasions.

Let us know how you fare at @FourFourTwo, and see if you can get onto our daily Twitter leaderboard...

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