Quiz! Can you name the top 60 most valuable English players in the world?

Raheem Sterling

Wretched news for any right-thinking Englishman: according to Transfermarkt, the value of Wayne Rooney has dropped below £10m. Apparently around £9m will get you a brand new (well, 32-year-old) Wazza from DC United.

Frankly, if FourFourTwo had a spare £9m, we could think of no better use for it. We could get the Roon Dog in to tell us about his 300+ career goals or perhaps just mow the lawn (which he’d do diligently, if not perhaps quite as quickly as he used to).

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Alex Reid

Alex Reid is a freelance journalist and the former digital features editor at FourFourTwo. He has also written for the Guardian, talkSPORT, Boxing News and Sport magazine. Like most Londoners, he is a lifelong supporter of Aberdeen FC. He is deceptively bad in the air for a big man. He has never been a cage fighter.