Quiz! Can you name the top 60 most valuable English players in the world?

Raheem Sterling

Wretched news for any right-thinking Englishman: according to Transfermarkt, the value of Wayne Rooney has dropped below £10m. Apparently around £9m will get you a brand new (well, 32-year-old) Wazza from DC United.

Frankly, if FourFourTwo had a spare £9m, we could think of no better use for it. We could get the Roon Dog in to tell us about his 300+ career goals or perhaps just mow the lawn (which he’d do diligently, if not perhaps quite as quickly as he used to).

Anyway, these players are – for definite – all worth more than £10m. This is the list of the most valuable active English footballers, though a word of warning: we appreciate all fees are approximate and that in today’s market, who knows how much each cost might spiral upwards? Especially if Daniel Levy is doing the bargaining.

Now, 10 minutes are on the clock to name these 60 chaps, based on their clubs and value. Let us know how you get on @FourFourTwo. We’ll retweet the best scores, if you don’t give answers away – and please challenge some pals while you’re at it.

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Alex Reid

Alex Reid is a freelance journalist and the former digital features editor at FourFourTwo. He has also written for the Guardian, talkSPORT, Boxing News and Sport magazine. Like most Londoners, he is a lifelong supporter of Aberdeen FC. He is deceptively bad in the air for a big man. He has never been a cage fighter.