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Quiz! Name the 40 players who've committed the most fouls in the Premier League this season

Premier League fouls

Foul counts are a frequently deceptive stat. Your mind might automatically go to a cynical centre-back or a midfield enforcer in the Roy Keane mould – but the truth is that forwards are as likely offenders as anyone.

Exhibit A is the below: the players with the most fouls in the Premier League this season, which contains just three defenders and yet 14 attacking players. They’re not all elbow-happy targetmen either; the current fashion for a striker who presses and harries opponents means they tend to give away more fouls. Plus, referees will blow up if you breathe near a goalkeeper in the box, which doesn’t help.

But whether they triggered the whistle with a nudge on a No.1 or a scything ankle-wrecker, these are the players who’ve racked up the most fouls this season.

We’ve given you 10 minutes to try to name all 40. Then please let us know your score @FourFourTwo – we’ll retweet the best totals, if you don’t give answers away. Why not challenge a few pals while you’re at it? The more shares we get, the more quizzes we can create. Great times...

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