Pre-season training: Week 3

Two weeks gone, four to go. On the agenda this week: total body strength

It's the half way point of pre-season, your legs feel like jelly and your arms like dead weights, but the foundations for your fitness have been laid. 

To help your body cope with the extra workload you’ve got to give it a hand during the recovery process.
Now, you might not like it, but taking a dip in freezing cold-water works. “I have ice baths after every training session and one the day before a game,” says Gareth Bale.
Why would you put yourself through this torture? The sub-zero temperatures repair muscle damage and flush out waste products after exercise, which helps ease soreness.
If that’s not your thing you can always try and get some quality sleep. “Aim for seven to nine hours – certainly no less than six,” advises sleep coach, Nick Littlehales. 
“During this time your body will repair muscle tissue and replenish energy stores. It promotes growth hormones and decreases the stress hormone, cortisone.” 
You’re going to need to get plenty of rest with the amount of work we’re putting through – technical sessions and gym workouts from Coerver Coaching – will put your body to the test. 
Meal plans from nutritionist Liam Holmes will power your training sessions as well as aiding the recuperation process.

Week three’s timetable is ready for you – just click the link at the top of the page to download it.

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Pre-season nutrition:


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