FIFA 23: How to beat any defender one-on-one using 'The Bridge' technique

FIFA 23: How to beat any defender one-on-one using 'The Bridge' technique
(Image credit: EA Sports)

Speed isn't enough alone to win games in FIFA 23 – but 'The Bridge' technique may help.

If you're one of those players who struggle to beat a defender for pace - we feel you, here at FourFourTwo - then don't worry. In FIFA 21, EA made it easier than ever for us Mertesackers to have the moves like Mbappe in the final third.

If you double-tap the X/A button to pass, the ball will bobble along the ground. This is crucial for your ball beating an onrushing tackler making a tackle on the ground, you see, as the ball can bounce over them. It's the same with through-balls. Just double-tap the Triangle/Y button for a slightly bobbled pass - it's particularly useful in tight spaces. 

How to beat any defender in FIFA 23 using 'The Bridge' technique

But as much as FIFA is a passing game, where's the excitement in laying the ball off to someone in a better position? No, it's far more fun to knock the ball past your opponent and collect it from the other side of them when they're flat on their arse. 

It's really quite simple too. When you approach a defender, make sure that there's enough distance between you and your opponent. To knock the ball past them, double-tap R1/RB. It takes a few attempts to master but the ball should go one way, while your controlled player rides the challenge.

This is what's become known as 'The Bridge' online. When it's perfected, it looks a little like the Dortmund attacker leaving his Bayern opponent in a crumpled heap in Der Klassiker, like this…


FIFA 23: How 'the Bridge Technique' looks in action (Image credit: Future)

As you can see, it's a lot more effective than just flicking your right stick, which often just means you run the ball into the defender rather than knocking it past him. 

There's no stopping us now. Good job that we edited that GIF though to leave out the part where we chipped the ball tamely into Manuel Neuer's gloves. A bit more practice needed here at FFT, perhaps...

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