FourFourTwo's best 100 Premier League matches ever

100 best Premier League games

From high-scoring comebacks to title deciders, via the odd goalless draw, these are the Premier League’s greatest ever games

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It’s easy to be cynical about the Premier League, what with the ever-escalating hype coupled with diminishing Champions League returns which suggest that the world’s very best teams aren’t hosted here right at this moment.

Yet there’s no denying it’s a thriller of a league. At its best, the frenzied atmosphere, fast pace, attacking commitment and anyone-can-beat-anyone air make for fantastic games. So picking out - and ranking - the 100 best ever was no mean feat.

Do you like a crazy back-and-forth affair with an impossible scoreline? A high-octane title decider between two top-quality teams? The jaw-dropping shock of an underdog biting a mighty superclub in the backside?

Well, we’ve chosen a selection of all of them. Plenty to enjoy here, from the ecstasy of a wondergoal winner to Kevin Keegan slumped over the advertising hoardings. Of course he is.

Let us know your thoughts @FourFourTwo. Sorry if we missed your side’s favourite triumph - but creating this list has made us realise just how small a number 100 is...

100-91 • 90-81 • 80-71 • 70-61 • 60-51 • 50-41 • 40-31 • 30-21 • 20-11 • 10-1

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