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Quiz! Can you name the 18 Premier League referees to officiate a match this season?

From Mark ‘Miami Ink’ Clattenburg to Howard ‘Kung-fu kick = firm yellow card’ Webb, referees are now stars of the game. That probably isn’t the way most of them like it, but in these days of 400 TV cameras and super-rapid, super-conniving players, refs are under more scrutiny than ever.

So surely you recognise the key top-flight officials who definitely have it in for your club and your club alone, right? Right.

Below is every official to referee a Premier League match this season – from the newbie who’s taken charge of just three Premier League games ever to the veteran of over 400.

Five minutes are on the clock to name as many as you can. Let us know how you got on @FourFourTwo - we’ll retweet the best scores, although giving answers away earns you a straight red. Get into our good books by challenging a few friends.

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