Quiz! Can you name the 28 players with most fouls in the Premier League this season?

The season is over, and we have been blessed to watch two of the greatest teams of the Premier League era battle it out for top spot. The quality of football has so often been breathtaking. It’s enough to remind you why you really love football.

But beauty and style alone is not why we love football. There is also a place in the game for the niggly kick, the cynical push, the “professional” foul.

Yes, there can be a celebration of shithousery too.

We’ve collected the 28 players who have committed the most fouls in the Premier League this season.

The list has no representatives from the top four clubs Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea or Tottenham and, interestingly, there are no West Ham players among the league’s dirtiest, either.

Wait for this one though: there are no Cardiff players in the top 28 foulers. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

We’re giving you six minutes to get as many as you can – once you’re done, let us know how you got on at @FourFourTwo (opens in new tab) and see if you can make our daily leaderboard.


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