Quiz! Can you name all 28 Spanish players to appear in the Premier League in 2017/18?

They’ve been pulling off saves, making assists and scoring goals in the Prem this season – but can you name them all?

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What connects Chelsea to Newcastle? No, not the A1 (no motorway banter please, amigos) but rather the fact that both clubs have used five Spanish footballers in a league match this season.

Ole! But they are not alone – few nations can match the depth of talent of Spain have served up over the past 10 years. Except perhaps Germany. Oh, plus Brazil and Argentina always have talent in abundance. There sure are a lot of Belgians about right now…

Anyway, the point is Spanish players have been making headlines at both ends of the pitch in the Premier League. But can you name every Spaniard to star in England’s top flight this season? Let’s find out!

Six minutes are on the clock and please let us know how you get on @FourFourTwo. Why not challenge some chums to see if they can best your score to, eh?

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