Hitzfeld to honour Swiss contract

VANDERBIJLPARK - Switzerland's coach Ottmar Hitzfeld will remain at the helm of the Swiss national team until July 2012, despite a disappointing first round elimination at the World Cup.

Hitzfeld who renewed his contract with the Swiss federation in August last year, was asked during the team's final press conference if he would honour his contract despite rumours that several German clubs were seeking his services.

"Of course I do want to stay. If the Swiss people want me to stay, I'll stay," Hitzfeld said.

Switzerland's team spokesman Marco von Ah, said the Swiss football association wanted the German-born coach to stay until after the Euro 2012 Championship to be staged in Poland and Ukraine.

Switzerland is drawn in Group G in the qualifying round of that tournament with their first fixture at home to England on September 7.

The other teams in the group are Bulgaria, Wales and Montenegro in the group.

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