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Quiz! Can you name the 27 highest scorers across Europe’s top five leagues this season?

There’s one honour that each individual striker across Europe craves – more than the Golden Boot or the Ballon d’Or. Namely, to be the season’s top scorer by the time Halloween comes around. Right? Right.

Well, each of these players have started the season by frightening defenders and giving goalkeepers nightmares, scoring at least six in one of Europe’s top five leagues.

The Premier League is the most widely represented division, with eight players across five different clubs. The overall leader is an Italian in Serie A, naturally. But what we also learn is that if you want goals, sign an Argentine: there’s five on the list overall, with three of them in double figures already.

Appropriately, we’ve put six minutes on the clock for you to name as many of the six-goal club as you can. Let us know how you do @FourFourTwo - we’ll retweet the best scores, if you don’t give any answers away - then challenge some mates too.

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