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Quiz! Can you name the 25 teenagers to appear in the Premier League so far this season?

Mason Greenwood Man United

There are 25 teenagers to get in today’s quiz – we’re giving you their age, position, the club they play for and seven minutes to name as many as you can. The age noted is for their first appearance in the 2019/20 season (some will have had birthdays since then). Once you’re done, let us know how many you got by tweeting a screenshot of your score to @FourFourTwo. Make sure not to include any answers or we won’t be able to include it!


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Of these 25 teenagers, over half come from Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea alone. It’s Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s United who deliver most – they’ve used five players in the Premier League so far who have yet to reach their 20th birthday. The Gunners, meanwhile, have used four.

While much has been made of Frank Lampard’s use of youngsters at Stamford Bridge, only three Premier League appearances have come for teenagers (including one who bagged his first Champions League goal this week).

Seven Premier League sides have yet to field a teenager: Liverpool, Leicester, Sheffield United, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Aston Villa do not appear on this list. 

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