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Quiz! Can you name the 38 players with 100+ Champions League appearances?

Ryan Giggs Man United Champions League

It’s not easy to play in 100 Champions League games. You have to be a half-decent player, that’s obvious, but you also need consistency over many seasons and to play a part in several sides that went deep into the tournament - possibly all the way.

The vast majority (if not quite all) of our 38 centurions have lifted the big-eared trophy over the course of their 100+ matches. A loyal 16 have only played Champions League football for one club, too. 

You've got eight minutes to get as many of these evergreen gladiators as you can. We’ve given you the clubs they’ve represented in the competition, plus their total Champions League appearances below.

Just fill in the surnames, then give us a shout at @FourFourTwo with a screenshot of your score – just don't give away answers, else that'd be daft. Good luck! 


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