Quiz! Can you name the 50 most recent Premier League managers?

This might sound easy – but it isn’t. It’s the last 50 full-time Premier League bosses and the clubs they’ve steered to failure or glory. Mainly failure...

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It seems simple, right? Managers are the superstars of the game these days with their bleached teeth, hair transplants, chronograph endorsements and that time Steve Bruce was on the cover of Hello! magazine. We may have imagined that.

Anyway, the point is you’d think it’d be no great effort to recall the last 50 Prem gaffers. But it’s trickier than you think. The thing that we’re legally obliged by UK sports media laws to call the ‘managerial merry-go-round’ means the cast is changing before we even get to know their faces.

At least Arsenal help us out by having had the same boss since ancient times when mighty Aslan roamed the land (he took four points off Arsenal in that season too, but we’re pretty sure the referee was at fault for most of them).

Anyway, below are the last 50 Premier League bosses and when they last managed in the league. Eight minutes are on the clock and we’d love to know your score @FourFourTwo – we’ll retweet the best efforts – then please challenges some friends at the same time.

* denotes that manager was relegated with this club

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