Quiz! Can you name the 50 most valuable players in world football?

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Transfer fees are scrutinised almost as much as football results – but who do Transfermarkt rank as the 50 most high-value footballers on the planet?

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What value can you put on good, old-fashioned, god-given talent? It’s priceless, surely? You can’t put a number on something as pure as that.

WRONG. If modern football has taught us anything, it’s that everything has a price. We can put a number on anything. 

A mother’s love? A baby’s smile? The smell after it rains? The freedom to live your life as you want and be who you want to be? FourFourTwo can put that on our Monzo.

That’s why – using Transfermarkt’s valuations based on a top secret algorithm – we’ve been able to put together the 50 most valuable players in the world.

Yes, yes, the transfer market doesn’t quite work like this – but this is about how much they are (supposedly) worth, not how much they cost.

We’re giving you eight minutes to name as many as you can. Once you’re done, send us a screenshot to @FourFourTwo (don’t include any answers, now) and challenge a mate why don't you? 


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