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Quiz! How many of FourFourTwo's 100 Best Players in the World from 2007 can you name?

Ninety minutes can seem a long time in football (cue lots of Sunderland nodding vigorously), so 10 full years is practically an eternity.

Yet in other ways, it isn’t. As we rank the 100 Best Players in the World 2017, we thought it’d be fun to look back at our list from a decade ago – and plenty of the names here are still active and even present on the list in 2017. Impressive durability!

Of course, others are long gone, including most of the 13 English players who made the cut. That’s not FFT bias, by the way – 2007 was still ‘Golden Generation’ territory and a time when English clubs were flying high in the Champions League. Though in retrospect, perhaps the man at No.43 is a little high at that stage of his career…

You've got each player’s rank, club at end of 2007, football nationality and position as clues. Let us know your score – and even your thoughts on our list of 10 years ago – @FourFourTwo. Why not challenge some pals while you’re at it too? 

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