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Quiz! How many of this season's 32 Champions League teams can you name?

Lionel Messi Juventus

There's no shame in admitting you lost out to the Great British Bake Off on Tuesday night – some of the 16 sides wished they'd have been curled up on the sofa watching harmless bread-baking and Noel Fielding's oversized shirts instead of getting their backsides handed to them.

Yes: the Champions League returned with goals galore on Tuesday night – 28 of them across the first eight matches, shared between nine bully-boy teams. 

There'll be eight more fixtures on Wednesday night before Matchday One draws to a close – but first we'd like to see if you can complete the relatively simple-sounding task of naming all 32 teams who are kicking balls in this year's Champions League.

Easy? Well, let's just see – to make things a little more interesting, you won't see the nations of the teams you're trying to guess until you've got the answers correct. OK, it's not quite a dastardly deed that would make The Joker gush with embarrassment, but we don't want to make this too easy now do we? 

Four minutes are on the clock for you to name as many teams as you can. Feeling smug about your score? Please do let us know how you fare @FourFourTwo and we'll retweet those who don't give answers away. Then pass it on to some friends who ain't so clever. 

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