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Quiz! Can you name the 38 most prolific Premier League free-kick takers over the last decade?

Warning: the name ‘Beckham’, ‘Becks’, ‘Goldenballs’ or ‘King David the 7th’ does not appear here. That’s due to the fact that, for all his set-piece brilliance, this quiz covers the last 10 (and a bit) seasons of Premier League football – so as Dave departed the Prem in 2003, he’s found it understandably tricky to add his total since. Bah.

However when Becks left, he at least let some other free-kick specialists take the limelight. These 38 players have all curled, placed, blasted, chipped or even accidentally crossed their way to at least three direct free-kick goals over the past decade.

Some are present and adding to their total this very season, while others have moved on to pastures and pitches new – but every surname is worth a point to us.

Eight minutes are on the clock and each player’s direct free-kick total, their Premier League clubs and playing position is below. Let us know your score @FourFourTwo – and please challenge some friends as well, as the more people who play, the more quizzes we can make. Great.

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