Quiz! Can you name the 30 oldest Premier League players used in 2018/19?

Pablo Zabaleta, West Ham

Exciting whippersnappers often hog headlines, meaning these evergreen heroes go under the radar. Time to acknowledge them…

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In the new FourFourTwo! Brighton's star striker keeps getting better with age. But can the Cumbrian complete his rise from bottom to top by convincing Gareth Southgate to hand him an England cap?

Glenn Murray FourFourTwo

In a league awash with cash and clamour for new signings, it’s not easy keeping your place in a team when the pressure’s on – not least when your years are advancing and those legs are beginning to creak.

So hats off to these ageing warriors below who are still going strong in the Premier League – ranging from Brighton’s stalwart 38-year-old, to the comparatively baby-faced 32-year-olds towards the end.  

We’ve given you eight minutes to name as many as you can, and then want you to tell us your scores @FourFourTwo – retweets for the best scores which don’t give answers away. After you’re done, why not challenge some less clever friends?

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