Quiz! Can you name the 64 Premier League players with at least three goals + assists after 10 games?

Eden Hazard

We’re looking for the most dangerous performers in the top flight this term – statistically, at least…

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Crikey, where did those 10 games go?

Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea have all made history by being unbeaten together after this many matches; Fulham are on course to leak about 837 goals [subs please check this]; Bournemouth are basically the most exciting team the world has ever seen and Arsenal are… well, not rubbish.

Oh, the fun we’re having – especially if you’re a fantasy football manager of the players below, all of whom have notched at least three goals and assists combined so far this campaign.

In today’s quiz, we want you to name them based on their total hauls and clubs they play for. There’s a lot to get through, so we’ve given you 10 minutes to try to name as many as you can – hopefully all, which will inevitably get you a place on our daily Twitter leaderboard (tell us your scores @FourFourTwo).

When you’re finished, share it with some friends to see how well they do. Good luck!

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