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Quiz! Can you name the players with 5+ Premier League goals in 2018?

Jamie Vardy celebrates

Please note: This quiz has since been updated to reflect the complete numbers for 2018. Happy quizzing! 

OK, so there’s still one Premier League match left of 2018 – but we’re an impatient bunch at FFT, so are delivering this quiz to you on a silver platter right now. Consider it an alternative to that leftover cheese you’ve been chugging down for the last three days.

But what a year it’s been in England’s top flight. Manchester City broke an all-time points record in 2017/18 yet might not even end the calendar year in second place; leaders Liverpool saw their Egyptian king set a new high mark for goals in a 38-game Premier League campaign; Tottenham could end the year second; Jose Mourinho finally got binned by Manchester United and was replaced by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Pray for that vacant Christmas dinner setting at the Lowry Hotel.

For today’s quiz, we’re after the year’s top sharpshooters – those with at least five goals, ranging from the handful of men with that qualifying tally to the behemoth who’s bagged 27 and counting. You might have seen him knocking about Match of the Day a bit this year.  

If you haven’t, give up now and get back to that glorious Wensleydale. Otherwise, you’ve got eight minutes to recall as many of these top goal-getters of the year as possible and then tell us your scores @FourFourTwo – socks five sizes too big from Grandma FFT for the winner (or just a place on our daily Twitter leaderboard if all else fails).

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