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Quiz! Can you name the top 30 current Premier League players with the most headed goals?

Diving headers, spring-heeled leaps, deft back-headers, even those ones where a player ends up eating grass such is their commitment to getting bonce to ball – a headed goal is a thing to be celebrated.

The all-time leader in Premier League headed goals is, in fact, still nodding 'em in in England's top tier now – but we’re not quizzing you on the most prolific ever. Sorry JT, sorry Didier, sorry Yak, don’t pull that face Cristiano – these are the players currently active in the Premier League with the highest number of headed finishes.

Below is every player on eight or more headed goals, plus the clubs they’ve played for in the Prem. It features an alarming number of West Brom players, almost as if a certain bald-headed survival specialist insisted on getting that ball into the box, pronto.

Six minutes are on the clock and please let us know your score @FourFourTwo – we’ll retweet the best efforts. Then challenge some buddies to see if they can best your total. Good luck!

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