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Quiz! How many of the 39 players with at least five Premier League red cards can you name?

This bunch have seen red more times than a Scotsman during World Cup qualification – well, on five occasions at least: the cut-off point to make this hall of shame. 

There's a hearty spread of positions here (except for goalkeepers, of whom there are unsurprisingly none), so don't just consider hack-happy midfielders when you're trying to decipher names from our clues below.

You've got eight minutes to name as many of these 39 players as you can, based on the Premier League clubs they played for, then tell us how you fare on Twitter @FourFourTwo – if you don't give answers away we'll retweet some of your scores. When you're done, why not share it with some friends to see if they can do any better? (Of course they can't.)

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