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Quiz! How many of the 50 oldest players in Premier League history can you name?

Ryan Giggs

We respect our elders here at FFT – so our latest quiz is dedicated to the ageing stars who were still getting games in the Premier League when biology dictated they probably should have been at home under a blanket sipping Ovaltine. We can only assume that's what Mark Crossley is doing these days, anyway. 

The oldest man on this list actually only played in four Premier League games as part of a journeyman's 28-year, 29-club career – but did so at the astonishing age of 43, five months and 11 days for Manchester City in 1994/95 (in fairness, he also appeared in the First Division pre-1992). 

You won't be too surprised to read that nine of the top 10 oldest players are goalkeepers – luckily for them, running has never been in the job description – but there are also 21 outfielders who defied Father Time to make the cut. Good on 'em. 

We've put 12 minutes on the clock for you to name as many of these players as you can. It's a tough one, but we'd love to know your scores afterwards at @FourFourTwo – if you don't give answers away you might just get a retweet for your troubles. Then share it with some pals afterwards to see how they get on. Good luck! 

*Still playing in the top flight

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