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Quiz! Name the 20 teams with the highest Champions League points-per-game average

Champions League quiz

Christmas is a-coming – and that means if you're not already off work, you're probably clock-watching and idly surfing the internet until you are. Right? 

Good, because we're here to help with a quiz to whittle away the time (and there's plenty more where it came from). Can you name the 20 teams with the best points-per-game average in the Champions League era? (Minimum 10 games – sorry Leicester.)

You've got five minutes to reel them off, and then let us know how you got on @FourFourTwo on Twitter – we'll retweet your scores to the masses. But don't give away the answers, mm'k? 

(Please note: Using an ad blocker? You won't see the quiz unless you turn it off *shakes fist*.)

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