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Quiz! How many of the 41 multiple winners of Premier League Manager of the Month can you name?

Premier League Manager of the Month

The first Premier League Manager of the Month for the 2018/19 season has just been announced, with Watford's Javi Gracia having landed the prize for the first time. 

However, while one award is good going, getting two is a sign that you’re more than a one-month wonder.

Each of the 41 bosses below – hailing from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Portugal and Holland – have won this award multiple times since it was first introduced in 1993. Two more men joined the list last season, with one setting a new record for winninng it four times in as many months. The bloody hogger. 

We’ve given you their total wins, plus the club(s) they were in charge of when receiving these awards. Ten minutes are on the clock, so get going - then let us know how you did @FourFourTwo (we’ll retweet the best scores, if you don’t give answers away). Why not challenge some of your fellow quiz cronies?

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