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Quiz! Can you name the last 100 penalty scorers in the Premier League?

Twelve minutes on the clock, 100 names to guess - some appear more than once.

Remember to tweet your scores @FourFourTwo and share with your mates.

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Little known fact: the penno was actually invented by a referee, Sir Joseph Penalty, back in 1888. 

After Sir Rupert Through-On-Goal was hauled to the ground by Lord Geoffrey Centre-Half in a game between Oxford University and Preston North End, Sir Joseph saw fit to enact a penalty of some kind.

The Victorian referee was famous within the sport for having a stride that was exactly one yard. He counted twelve steps back from the goal-line and awarded a direct free kick on goal, as punishment to the rowdy Oxford Uni defender.

But let's not start on the subject of free kicks - as they were invented Lance Corporal Henry Free-Kick while on tour with the Royal Batallion, ten years earlier in a friendly against Her Majesty's Commonwealth XI.

We thought that VAR would clear up whether the controversy over spot-kicks. If anything, we argue about it more, now. But this afternoon, let's not quarrel - we just want you to name the last 100 scorers from 12 yards.

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