Quiz! Can you name the 35 current Premier League players who made their debut in the competition 10+ years ago?

Joe Hart Manchester City

Cast your minds back to when these were fresh-faced whipper-snappers. Well, most of them…

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Back to work after four days of eating, drinking and probable sunstroke. It’s tough: we hear you.

Better make sure you’ve got some caffeine for this one, then: the 35 current Premier League players who made their debut in this competition 10 or more years ago – or over 17 years, if you’re the old-timer at the start of this list.

Please note the following, though, before you kick off at us on Twitter (we know how you like that so much): 'Club' clue shows who the player made his Premier League debut for, NOT who he plays for now. Correct answers must have featured in the Premier League in 2018/19. Players who did, but then left the league, are included as bonus answers.

Got it? Excellent. It’s a tough one, so we’re giving you 12 minutes to get it done and then tell us your scores (with proof) @FourFourTwo – retweets all around for those who do.

So without further rambling...


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