Sion drop appeal against Swiss league

Sion have dropped their CAS appeal against the Swiss football league after six players who were refused registration were finally told they were eligible to play, the club and the Court of Arbitration for Sport said on Monday.

The club were banned by FIFA from signing players for two transfer periods for inducing an Egyptian goalkeeper to break his contract with his side to join them in 2008.

Sion said they believed the ban ended this summer and made six new signings but FIFA said it was still in force, prompting a long legal battle which Sion now look to have won.

"The club explained in its letter that it no longer needs a decision from CAS given that the Swiss Football League decided on 30 September 2011 to qualify the six players concerned," a CAS statement said.

A Sion club statement on Monday said the same.

Sion were thrown out of the Europa League for fielding the players and it remains to be seen if they will still pursue their case for reinstatement despite the fact the team which replaced them, Celtic, have already entered the competition.