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Quiz! Name the highest-scoring Premier League stars still playing in the division

Yes, it's quiz o'clock on again – and this one's a zinger. 

We want you to name as many of the 50 highest-scoring Premier League players who are currently starring in the division, then tell us how you get on @FourFourTwo. If you tweet us your scores without giving the answers away, we'll retweet them – and then you can challenge your pals to see how they get on.  


(Please note: If you're using an adblocker this quiz won't show up for you – and that's no fun, is it now?) 

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Joe Brewin
Joe Brewin

Joe is the Deputy Editor at FourFourTwo, having risen through the FFT academy and been on the brand since 2013 in various capacities. 

By weekend and frustrating midweek night he is a Leicester City fan, and in 2020 co-wrote the autobiography of former Foxes winger Matt Piper – subsequently listed for both the Telegraph and William Hill Sports Book of the Year awards.