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Quiz! Can you name the 27 top-scoring English players currently in the Premier League?

It’s a World Cup year, which instantly makes the metatarsals of any English footballers 500% more fragile. Especially this lot, as they’re all current Premier League English players who’ve plundered 20 or more top-flight goals in their home country.

Some are towards the end of their career, hence their high totals, while others are hotshots who have raced past the 20-goal mark despite not being far into their twenties. Frankly, we’d just cull the bottom four and take all of these to Russia as the England squad. Goals win tournaments, Gareth, not goalkeepers (possibly).

Before that, however, it’s your turn to try to name them all. We’ve listed their total top-flight goals and the clubs they’ve played for in the Premier League below.

Six minutes are on the clock and please do tell us your score @FourFourTwo – we’ll retweet the best efforts, if you don't give answers away – and please challenge some friends while you’re at it.

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