Lee reveals Champions League aspirations

SEOUL - South Korea's Lee Chung-yong has not considered leaving Bolton Wanderers to cash in on his impressive World Cup campaign but would like to play in the Champions League one day.

The 22-year-old midfielder scored twice for his country as they reached the World Cup second round for the first time on foreign soil in South Africa and has been linked with a move across Lancashire as part of Liverpool's rebuilding programme.

"There's still much for me to learn in Bolton, so I haven't given any serious thought to the matter of a transfer," he told the Yonhap news agency before leaving for England on Sunday.

Lee's flair and five goals made him a firm favourite in the first season of his three-year deal with Bolton but the winger said he would like to play for a bigger club eventually.

"As I do my best to work with what's given to me, chances will come and I will take them," he added.

"Money is important, and it'd be good to play for a big team like one in the Champions League, but most of all I want to go where I can develop myself."

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