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Cost of Champions League final tickets cut

Neutral fans will be able to purchase tickets for 70 euros compared to the 150 pounds for the cheapest general-public tickets at last year's Wembley showdown between Manchester United and Barcelona.

The most expensive tickets for neutrals this year will cost 370 euros.

Last year's ticket prices were widely condemned as being too expensive after nearly doubling since 2009.

"There has been an overall decrease in ticket prices and administration fees for this season's UEFA Champions League final, compared to last year," UEFA said in a statement on Thursday as international ticket sales got underway.

Fewer tickets will be available this year with the stadium holding 62,500 fans compared to Wembley's 86,000.

The two clubs contesting the final will get 17,500 tickets each, with 7,000 available for the general public. Last season the clubs received 25,000 each with 11,000 on general sale.

The remaining tickets go to the local organisers, the 53 national football associations and commercial partners.