Quiz! How many of the 155 Premier League managers during Arsene Wenger's Arsenal reign can you name?

Bon anniversaire, Arsene Wenger. The former Arsenal manager may have had his 70th celebrations slightly dampened by the Gunners' 1-0 defeat away to Sheffield United last night. 

As they let down their boss of 22 years on such a milestone for him, we here at FourFourTwo thought that we would step in and honour one of the Premier League's greatest managers.

So we put together a mammoth quiz that will keep you going for 20 minutes. This honour's one of Wenger's biggest achievements: his longevity.

What we've done is collect the name of every single Premier League manager during Wenger's reign – ranging from October 1996 to May 2018.

It's not so much if you can get all of the below – you won't, unless you're some kind of android – but how many you can pick off before the time runs out.

Fancy it? Of course you do – we can hear those knuckles cracking from miles away. Once you've finished, drop us your scores @FourFourTwo (opens in new tab) and we'll retweet them to pit you against our other followers. Then challenge your mates to see who's the biggest brainbox of your mob.

Er, good luck...

* Caretaker spells not included, regardless of how long said caretaker was at the helm (Guus Hiddink) or how many times they've done it (Keith Millen).


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