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The FourFourTwo Premier League Season Preview 2015/16

A fevered whoop here, a wry grin there, a pumped fist held aloft... the excitement is tangible as the 2015/16 campaign looms large! is covering four Premier League teams each day this week, running in alphabetical order. So if your side's not been covered yet, don't fret. Rejoin us later this week for full coverage of what lies ahead with insight from key fans, key players, the vital stats and much more.

In addition, the lower leagues will be covered in the magazine out on Saturday, August 1. We also give each Premier League lashings of bespoke coverage in the mag too. Check it out for everything new season-y.

As well as covering each Prem team, we'll also be providing features on the new stars to watch out for, the best youth talent to come through this year and more. Be sure to check back for more great features each day.

And good luck to you and your team over the next drama-filled months ahead. You might just need it...